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Last week, I discussed collecting Poul Anderson’s sword and science stories into a hypothetical mass market paperback collection. There are two other categories: historical and fantasy to be covered. Historicals: Unnatural Enemies                          The Ultimate Dinosaur                   1992 The Long Remembering                F&SF                              […]

I listed Poul Anderson’s more swashbuckling and adventurous fiction with the shared item of characters using swords.  How would an editor package these stories? DMR Books just reprinted three stories. I love DMR Books as it provides a service the Big Five publishing conglomerates do not. Small press publications have limitations in size and budget. […]

There are some Poul Anderson stories never reprinted in book form. Last week, I posted about the new collection Swordsmen from the Star from DMR Books collecting three of Poul Anderson’s swashbuckling sword-and- super-science stories from Planet Stories. I began working on a post on various stories by Poul Anderson and how to fit them […]

Writers (Legends of Men): As you know by now I’m a huge fan of the Conan stories, but I’m also a huge fan of Howard’s other creations, even his poetry. Last June I attended Robert E. Howard Days, a gathering of Howard scholars and fans to celebrate the life and works of Robert E. Howard. While […]

Sword and sorcery fiction was a casualty in the pages of Weird Tales magazine when it went bimonthly and had a new editor in 1940. The sub-genre did live on with some entries in Unknown/Unknown Worlds. Less known are some stories that showed up in Fantastic Adventures and Planet Stories. The stories that appeared in […]

RPG ( I’m still unpacking the boxes I brought home from the Fall 2017 Games Plus auction. There’s so many SF and fantasy board games being published these days that it’s impossible to keep up. But you know, I do my best. A week after the auction, I dropped by Games Plus in Mount Prospect […]

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