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The Rageaholic on Elric: The White Wolf –

The Rageaholic on Elric: The White Wolf

Saturday , 15, December 2018 Leave a comment

Like many, I too thought that the French adaption of Michael Moorcock’s Elric would not fulfill the promised four book run. And although I found the first volume too disturbing for my comfort yet still among the best comics I have had the privilege to review, I am glad to see the wintry third volume finally hit shelves in time for Christmas.

Of course that means that comics and metal fan Razorfist weighs in on the project that combines several of his passions, Elric and bandes dessinees (BD). And he does so with such passion that I’m considering giving the series–and Elric in general–a second chance. For most of Elric’s adventures are as a sellsword, not as the king of a decadent and hellish empire fit only to be destroyed, and it is in The White Wolf that Elric becomes the vicious peregrine found in the majority of his adventures.

Along the way, Razorfist explains how BD comics are mainstream in France in ways that comics and manga can only hope to achieve, as well as breaks news that this first Elric BD run will have a sequel, expanding the series from four to eight books in total.

Appendix N fans should check out his foul-mouthed review.

Jeffro examines Razorfist’s earlier overview of the Elric series here.

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