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“For me, Misha is the consummate craftsman.”–Schuyler Hernstrom, writer of “Mortu and Kyrus in the White City”. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” “Do the next thing. Work on the job at hand.” “You’re going to do this thing because it needs to be done and there is no one […]

Living Saints, clumsy dragons, crippled vigilantes, and the World Wrecker return in this week’s new releases. Call Me Dragon (Dragon Fires Rising #1)- Marc Secchia Call me Dragon. It’s the last thing you’ll ever do. Blitz the Devastator has never done a decent day’s devastating in his life. Fireless, artistic and shunned by his Dragon […]

Fantasy (Aeon): Tolkien articulated his anxieties about the cultural changes sweeping across Britain in terms of ‘American sanitation, morale-pep, feminism, and mass-production’, calling ‘this Americo-cosmopolitanism very terrifying’ and suggesting in a 1943 letter to his son Christopher that, if this was to be the outcome of an Allied Second World War win, he wasn’t sure […]

Science fiction writer Ben Bova died last week on November 29th. Cause of death was pneumonia and a stroke with Covid-19. Blood clots are common with Covid due to damage of of the lining of blood vessel walls. He was known as a science fiction writer getting his start in 1959 with the John C. […]

This article was originally posted on July 13, 2019. Next week will showcase Misha Burnett’s Endless Summer. Spend enough time reading science fiction, and readers will come across the idea of the Big Three of classic science fiction. Always a controversial selection, as the list of worthy grandmasters of the genre exceeds the places available […]

Living dungeons, vengeful fathers, dragons, and mechs fill this week’s new releases. At Athena’s Gates (Bulletfoot #3) – Marshal Rust Centuries ago, humanity crawled inside its bunkers and vowed never to come out. The air was too toxic, they said. The earth, too dangerous. But not everyone agreed . . .  The Auburn Revolution is […]