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There is a new magazine– Men’s Adventure Quarterly. This is a reprint publication celebrating the men’s adventure magazines that flourished from the 1950s to the 1970s. I have written before on some book reprints from New Texture. Bob Deis of New Texture has teamed up with Bill Cunningham to produce Men’s Adventure Quarterly. This is […]

Along with 1,000 others from Earth, Ivan Susanin is transported to the System, to fight in a clash of alien pantheons that will determine the fate of each world. Those who refused the “honor” are dead, and those who die will be replaced. Those who fail to fight well will be stranded in the City […]

Cutting edge electronic warfare, far-future transhuman empires, Roman legionnaires, and the Empress of Dreams adorn this week’s list of new releases. Allegiance (Jackson Quick #1) – Tom Abrahams A conspiracy so big, it takes a microscope to see it. Beer, redheads, and politics… Jackson Quick should have known better. First, he trusted a Texas politician. […]

The first three volumes of the 2020 edition of the Junior Classics are now available at Castalia Direct as well as on Amazon. The digital editions will be made available after they are sent to the backers. They are an ideal resource for homeschoolers. Vol. I Fairy Tales & Fables Vol. II Myths & Legends Vol. III Tales of Greece […]

Robert E. Howard (Adventures Fantastic): The opening is one of Howard’s best. A Roman governor, Titus Sulla, is showing a Pictish ambassador Roman justice by executing a Pict by crucifixion. The ambassador watches stoically without saying anything. The ambassador is of course the Pictish king Bran Mak Morn in disguise.The dying man provokes one of […]