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Thursday , 23, July 2015 1 Comment

Tags are useful, but incomplete. To help you (and me) keep track of some of the ongoing themes, issues and analysis in science fiction, I present this  partial and ongoing index. I will update and link back to it whenever it is appropriate:

Decline and Fall of Science Fiction

Chatter Before the Coup: 1991 in Publishing

Evidence for the Bust Years

[Related: Morgan’s Mid-1980s S&S Extinction Event]

The Wrong Corpse and the Highbrow Coroner

Falsifying the National Death Certificate

The Megawar Citadel

As Society Falters, Science Fiction Rises

Pink SF vs. Blue SF

Pink and Blue SF: An Applied Breakdown

Forefather of the Singularity: The Omega Point

Counterfeit and the Authentic

How to Assault the Man in the High Castle

Foundation and Faith: Faux Religion, Real Science and Pink SF

Counterfeit Conspiracy and Faith in Fakes

Don’t Fall With Honor

Assaulting the High Castle, Concluded

By Specific Author

Philip K. Dick

Isaac Asimov

Robert A. Heinlein

C.S. Lewis

Jeff Sutton

H.P. Lovecraft

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  • Byron Grimes says:

    ACH! It’s bad enough I’m so far behind on the CH book catalog, but now I have a great list of posts on SFF to work through!

    No, seriously, I will catch up as I can, this is fast becoming my favorite publisher.

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