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Cirsova, Winter 2022 (Vol. 2, No 13) is brand new. 185 pages, $15.00 in cost. “Sister Winter,” John Daker is a weird story of a man on his way home in the winter comes across a ethereal being asking for his aid. There are some sinister men looking for Sister Winter and Martin helps her. […]

Cirsova magazine is subtitled “Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense.” Editor P. Alexander certainly attempts to deliver on the magazine’s description. It is hard to believe the magazine has been around for six years already. Summer 2022, Volume 2, No 11 is 172 pages. Cover illustrating D. M. Ritzlin’s “Vran, the Chaos Warped” by […]

The latest issue of Cirsova, Winter 2021 (Vol 2, No. 9) arrived recently and made up part of this week’s reading. Contents consist of three novelettes and seven stories. “For We are Many”: Zak travels across alternate universes eluding and destroying avatars of himself who are generally evil. He comes face to face with a […]

We are in the middle of a small press fiction golden age – Weirdbook, Tales from the Magician’s Skull, Storyhack, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly come to mind. It reminds me of the old D.I.Y. attitude in punk and alternative music in the late 1970s though the 80s. It is hard to believe that I reviewed the […]

Fiction (DMR Books): I have a real attachment to the supernatural tales that appeared in what is often called the golden age of the English ghost story.  Ranging from around 1880 to somewhere in the 1920s its boundaries are as vague as its achievements are remarkable.  For a time, in that difficult to imagine world […]

Three years ago, I wrote about the magazine Weird Tales having no issues the previous year and a half. It appears that Weird Tales is dead. After I posted that blog post, I had heard that editor Marvin Kaye was trying to get money together for a new issue. I have not heard a word […]

For readers who want exciting tales of daring heroes up against impossible odds in exotic settings, the seventh issue of Cirsova: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction is now hot off the press. Featuring: Novella In the Land of Hungry Shadows, by Adrian Cole Short Stories Galactic Gamble, by Dominika Lein The Iynx, by Michael Reyes […]

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