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Sword & Sorcery (Pulp Super Fan): Robert E. Howard expert Morgan Holmes discusses sword and sorcery stories appearing in Weird Tales. 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the fantasy and horror-fiction magazine.  RPG (Modiphius): Welcome to another chilling edition of Halloween Horrors – are you ready to be terrorised as Achtung! Cthulhu presents its now […]

Fiction (Sprague de Camp Fan): The Weird Tales Story by Robert Weinberg has seen three different editions. The first was published by Fax Collector’s Editions in 1977. This was a nice hardcover book with interior art by Alex Nino. The book is dedicated: To Margaret Brundage, whose covers might not have reflected the contents of Weird Tales but […]

An Interview with Morgan Holmes By Matthew Pungitore Ciao! My name is Matthew Pungitore, and in this article, I’ll be talking with Morgan Holmes. So, without further ado, let’s caper like a comet to the interview. Matthew Pungitore: “Morgan, I’m honored to be able to have this opportunity to talk with you like this. I have […]

Conan (Paperback Warrior): If you look online for the definition for “convoluted”, it should just provide a link to Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp’s “Hawks over Shem” short story. In my quest to absorb as much Conan literature as humanly possible, I read half of this particular short story and found myself so confused that I re-read the […]

T.V. (IGN): Aware of what Sapochnik was accomplishing on Game of Thrones, Condal asked if he would want to develop a Conan series with him and immediately agreed. “He was then off making Thrones for a year,” he explains. “I was writing scripts and sending them to him and he was sending me feedback.We wrote […]

In the 1990s, it seemed a new book on pulp art or lavishly illustrated books on the pulp magazines came out every year. Lee Server’s Danger is My Business was a great introduction to various pulp magazine genres with lots of color reproductions of pulp magazine covers. Robert E. Howard in the Pulps Vol. One […]

One of Robert E. Howard’s epic historical poems is “An Echo From the Iron Harp.” The poem gained some wide exposure as “The Gold and the Grey” included by Glenn Lord in The Book of Robert E. Howard (Zebra Books) in 1976. According to the Howardworks website, Glenn gave the poem the title as “The […]

The Legends of Men blog has an emphasis on masculinity whether on philosophy, fiction, fitness, popular culture etc. About two years ago, Jared and my paths crossed on social media and we struck up some conversations. Last year, I discussed sword and sorcery fiction with him on his blog. Jared has started producing a new […]

Culture Wars (Brain Leakage): Unsurprisingly, the debate concerning gender roles in Sword and Sorcery rages on…Morgan Holmes’ latest article on the subject offers a compelling look at the raw numbers, in addition to some more anecdotes and observations about the shifts that occurred in the publishing industry. If you’ve been following the argument with any interest, […]

Cinema ( The concept of the sci-fi weapon also has its allure. Whether it’s a cyborg hero taking down villains with some kind of crazy blaster, or evil Dark Lords wiping out entire planets with their mechanical monstrosities, there is no doubt that the destructive capabilities of such futuristic weaponry appeal to a certain base […]

The Cimmerian was a one of the best Robert E. Howard small press magazines ever produced. Editor/publisher Leo Grin had the idea of a magazine that contained well edited, entertaining non-fiction articles, a few poems, and a letter section. Art, all too often bad art would overwhelm many a small press magazine. The Cimmerian had […]

It’s been a good run, y’all. And I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I went from writing mostly about Car Wars and on to game design and role-playing games in general. After taking Lewis Pulsipher’s course on game design, I realized I liked writing about games far more than I did making them. […]