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With the turning of the leaves comes Cirsova’s Fall edition. And while this issue is packed with the conclusions to the audacious space opera “The Artomique Paradigm” and the grisly axe and sorcery comic “Badaxe”, and the short stories are filled with evil rains, black skulls, and Chinese mummies, sword and sorcery duo the Mongoose […]

Voyage to the Weird Weird West, online battlegrounds, and the land of Drunken Pharaohs in this week’s new releases. Commando (Battlegrounds Online #2) – Troy Osgood Eric McCaffrey has been playing Zag in the VRMMOFPS Battlegrounds Online for a while now. The more he plays, the more he realizes how deep he is getting into […]

T.V. (Arkhaven Comics): If Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert had had a baby it would look like Apple TV’s Foundation…No, that isn’t it.  How about, if Apple TV’s programming chief wanted to buy Dune and it wasn’t available it would look like Apple TV’s Foundation?  Yeah, that’s the ticket. Foundation by Isaac Asimov is one of the […]

Sometimes a title tells you exactly what’s going to happen in the story. J. Trevor Robinson’s The Mummy of Monte Cristo is one, splashing the classic adventure with a coat of monsters, magic, and blood. It is a thin coat, however, without rebuilding the venerable classic from the foundation up. Edmond Dantes’s search for vengeance […]

Weirdbook is one of the great small press magazines from the golden age of the small press. The magazine petered out after 30 issues in 1997. The magazine returned in 2015 with a fairly regular schedule. Weirdbook #42 is a special issue of all fiction by John Shirley. The format is trade paperback, 6 x […]

This week’s new releases are fill with vengeful spirits, apprentice alchemists, Israeli soldiers stranded in new worlds, and more. Alchemist Adept (The Alchemist #4) – D. K. Holmberg and Dan Michaelson Sam must master his connection to the source—and understand alchemy—if he wants to save the Academy. Sam had come to the Academy powerless and […]