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Whether in a Celtic Otherworld or the ashes of a future Earth, magic worlds swarming with elementals or the cold vastness of space, this week’s new releases are filled with valiant deeds and desperate acts. Duty, Honor, Planet – Rick Partlow We thought we were alone… We’re going to wish we were. Jason McKay and […]

RPG ( I’d even say it was the pinnacle of ‘80s solitaire fantasy games (I’m not sure that’s a huge category, now that I think of it). But Barbarian Prince is quirky and poorly balanced, and there are plenty of more recent solitaire games that have surpassed it. We should be talking about them instead. […]

The “Bronze Age” of comic books is said by some to have started in 1970 when Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics. Old time science fiction pulp editor Mort Weisinger (1915-1978) stepped down at D.C. Comics. The creation of Conan the Barbarian by Marvel Comics in 1970s is seen as a pivotal event in the creation […]

The great highway stretched out before them. The miles flew underneath the wheels of the iron horse as they rode. Mortu the Kinslayer, Mortu the Merciful, scion of the north, where warriors were once bred like princes breed their race horses. Kyrus the Wise, a man of faith, of sacred vows and probing intellect, sharp […]

Discover galactic secrets, modern-day paladins, and the Mongoose and the Meerkat in this week’s new releases. Black Cutlass (Privateer Tales #19) – Jamie McFarlane He thought the bloodshed was over. The true terror is just beginning… Captain Liam Hoffen has no time to relax after defeating the Mendari. Hastily organizing an expedition to their home […]

Publishing (Walker’s Retreat): Rothfuss got outed as another Martin-tier procrastinator by his editor today. He ain’t the only one. ‘Kingkiller Chronicle’ Editor Believes Author Hasn’t Written Anything for Years— LJ Ramones (@LjRamones) July 29, 2020               This is a major problem with OldPub authors. Scalzi’s been hammered for it. […]

  A case can be made that Miami Vice was the quintessential crime show of the 1980s. The show caught my notice in 1984 when home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I watched episodes on rerun in summer 1985 and made the effort to watch the second season. The show was stylish with the sun, glamor, […]

“They called me [Hell’s Legionnaire] in the company. They couldn’t understand why I never had anything to do with women or liquor. They thought the devil was saving me for same vast purpose.” Best known for being the king grifter of a genre known for its rats, L. Ron Hubbard’s literary career is overshadowed by his […]

Discover interstellar cops, cyberpunk agents, and vengeance-driven chi cultivators in this week’s new releases. Alliance Rising (The Star Guild Saga #3) – Brandon Ellis The aliens want her dead. Easier said than done. Ali, archaeologist and expert at cuneiform translation, knows about the long-departed Anunnaki slavers, not just because of the ancient writings she has […]