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Conventions (DMR Books): The 19th annual Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention took place this past weekend in Lombard, IL. It was a three-day affair, but unfortunately I was only able to attend for part of the day on Saturday. Five hours may seem like a good amount of time, but it wasn’t nearly enough […]

Fiction (DMR Books): One hundred years ago today, A. Merritt‘s novella/short novel, “The Conquest of the Moon Pool,” was unleashed upon an eager public. The story which spawned it, “The Moon Pool,” had been met with such an outpouring of enthusiasm by the readership of All-Story Weekly that the pulp’s legendary editor, Robert H. Davis, […]

Books (Skelos Press): Presenting the English translation of the award-winning book that introduced a new generation of French fans to the father of sword and sorcery. The Robert E. Howard Guide was born out of years of scholarship, but took its final form after answering the same questions from fans over and over again. In […]

Cinema (Reactionary Times): “Rian Johnson has left J.J. Abrams not just a mess but a complete mess. When The Empire Strikes Back ended, there was an excellent setup for the next movie. Why it practic…al…ly…uh… No, actually. Now that I think about it, the end of Empire created a major plot restriction for the film […]

The release last month of the latest Star Wars has generated ranging opinions. I have not seen the movie nor the other two Disney movies. I have lost interest in seeing new movies and pulled the plug on cable last year. I have been watching reruns of Battlestar Galactica on MeTV Saturday nights. I watched […]

Writers (DMR Books): “This date marks the one hundred twenty-fifth anniversary of the birth of Clark Ashton Smith. Readers of this site should require no introduction, as Smith was one of the “big three” writers for Weird Tales, along with Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft. It only seems appropriate that we should honor this […]

Games (Save Versus All Wands): “Every week I google “zylarthen” to see if anyone has written a new review or whatever of Seven Voyages of Zylarthen, my OD&D neo-clone. After I gave the game it’s somewhat distinctive name, I quickly discovered that one of the benefits is that it’s pretty easy to google using just […]

Writers (Williamette Week): You may have heard that Portland’s famous goth bar, The Lovecraft, is under new ownership after the previous owner, Jon Horrid was accused of assault. Now that the bar has changed hands, questions arose whether the new owner planned on continuing to call the bar after an author known for racism and anti-semitism, […]

As a major, SJW-infested corporation trots out another installment of a beloved franchise, devoid of excitement and fresh ideas but pumped to the gills with Social Justice, it’s interesting to go back to an earlier, more innocent time, shortly after the first Star Wars (1977) came out.  Not only was it legitimately excellent, it also became an […]

From a certain point of view, we are currently living in a great time for two of the most well-known science fiction franchises, Star Wars, and Star Trek. With Star Wars, we have several new films, at least one TV show, as well as comics and novels—and more is announced seemingly every week. And with […]

The thought that there are nowhere near as many good science fiction movies as there should be is one that I’ve had for a long time, probably since my teens, but it’s only recently that I decided to investigate it.  Certainly, everyone’s tastes are different, and we can quibble about the quality of individual pictures, […]

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