Appendix N and the Dawn of the Pulp Revolution

Saturday , 3, June 2017 6 Comments

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year contemplating what the followup to Appendix N should be. Before the Big Three: The Real Golden Age of Science Fiction? Appendix T: the Literary Antecedents of Traveller? A Survey of Contemporary Short SFF? What hadn’t crossed my mind until now was the fact that I may have already written it. (Special thanks to Spencer Hart for bringing this to my attention.)

Yes, this is “just” a collection of blog posts. Would they hold up as a book in their own right? You know, I’m not sure. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember writing half of this stuff. I do know there is an audience out there that would read this material on an ebook reader that would not be inclined to ever join the ongoing conversation here at the blog. It may well be worth the time do the work necessary to tighten it up a notch and make something out of it.

If you have any suggestions on what should be included, cut, or created expressly for the project, please let me know in the comments.


  • Brian Renninger says:

    Also posted this on the G+ post.

    One thought is that a casual perusal shows that there are a fair amount of old pulp related stuff and also a fair amount of new pulp related stuff. You could break it into two sections based on this distinction. Or, maybe even get two books out it?

    It’d be cool to have a stand alone volume focusing on the new pulp writers. Perhaps even pairing your essays with the shorter works themselves (or for longer works, longer excerpts). Perhaps a more critical version of what the Mirrorshades anthology did for the cyberpunk genre back in the day?

  • DanH says:

    I would absolutely buy that book(s).

    Your post provide a fantastic resource from you to draw from. I would also very much like to see an exploration of how the pulps influenced the arts and popular culture leading to their current revival.

  • Anthony M says:

    I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but would my short series on Rawle’s “Sword and Flower” be worth including?

  • Anthony M says:

    Oh, sorry, it’s your writing only (saw the superversive tag and jumped to conclusions). Disregard.

  • Joe F Keenan says:

    With all due respect regarding your options, none of the above. You have a real talent, you know the subject matter, but lots of people post 1980 have no clue. We need a Big Brother beat down on post ’80 SciFi/Fantasy. People need to be shown that modern writers suck, and why. They need to be shown how the collapse of SciFi/Fantasy was set during the 60’s and 70’s. We need a history of the jerkoffs. I think your just the man for the job. No pun, or, offensive subtext intended.

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